Thursday, May 29, 2008

Doctor in the house?

So I bit the bullet and got the iMac into the shop this morning.

Not before dinging 50 on the druid though, hehe. Can you smell the Outlands.... Oh yeah baby.

Well, since I can't play, here is a little news from around the blog-o-sphere.

BRK has posted an analysis of all the possible ways a group can wipe. Very funny stuff.
Part one is here
Part two is here

I watched a little of the live stream of the new Instance Podcast being recorded (at work no less). Hopefully that will be edited and ready for us in a day or so.

The folks over at Looking For Group comic are now taking orders for a second run of a limited edition Richard Statue. LFG cronacles the adventures of Richard, an Undead Warlock and his friends. Here is a little movie they made, its a take off on the Little Mermaid.

Soon I will have a evil little Dick on my desk. How can you top that?

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