Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is that a thermo nuclear bomb?

I have been getting caught up on blogcasts and such over the past couple of days now that I have satisfied my obsession with getting the Netherdrake for Vik.
Here are some cool things I have run into.

I found three really awesome podcasts this week. First is the new Twisted Nether blogcast. Breana and Fimlys interview Big Bear Butt while BBB and his wife are having an epic run with a Kara PUG.

These guys started out good and have only gotten better as they gain confidence in their work. Next up is an interview with Pike from Aspect of the Hare. I am looking forward to that one too.

Next up Scott Johnson scored an interview with Todd McFarlane that got broken up into two halves. If you are a comic book fan you will love these. FYI Todd McFarlane did some amazing work with Spiderman, founded Image Comics, and also published Spawn.
Part One is in Extra Life Radio #184
Part Two is in The Instance #110

And Finally I found these cool Iron Man Videos over on A Mission Deep. Holy Crap! Where were these when I was watching Justice League on Saturday mornings....

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Turdin said...

All I can say is i want more. That was awesome!!!