Saturday, July 19, 2008

My next steps

Finegas, my horde druid has made his final loop through the Eastern and Western Plaguelands and is now ready to start the Outlands grind to level 70 in earnest. He is Hearthstoned to the Scryers landing in Shattrath (mainly because I've never seen it) and is about 30g away from his epic ground mount.

I did take the time to do a few of the level 58 quests just for the gear reset, then I came back to the Old World to finish up those questlines as recommended by the leveling guide I am using.

Fin will be starting the Outlands with decent gear, and halfway through level 60. So those beginning quests won't be as difficult as they were the first time through I hope.

Now I am taking a pause to consider how I wish to proceed, what my goals with Fin are, and reflect on the trip from 60 to 70 that I made on my hunter Viktel.

That seems so long ago now it's incredible.

Fin's trip thus far

I started Finegas up with the idea that having a hybrid class would help me see the endgame content. With the announcement of the Wrath expansion and it's Deathknights I hatched the plan to have one character for dps, one for healing, and one for tanking. That way I can experience the expansion from all perspectives. Fin for healing, the deathnight for tanking, and my not-so-lowbie-anymore hunter Lassiter for dps.

Then Vik can be my alliance side character so I can see that side of the game as well.

Through all of this I have been using James' Leveling Guides. They are free, and very good for getting through the lower levels quickly. The other thing I like about these guides is that if you are interested in the game content all you have to do is actually read the quest lines. You get the stories that go with the zones as well as lots of good xp.

Moving Forward
While leveling Finegas I have been a pretty regular reader of Big Bear Butt Blogger, I even have the coffee mug now. Its a match to my Big Red Kitty mug, I am such a geek!

Anyhoo! I now have a good source of information about how to play a druid tank until expansion time. And I have located a few good research sites for loots as well. I think it is time to sit down and make some lists up. I'll need armor for all three druid forms: caster, kitty, and bear. Some of that will be purchased, some will be quest reward, and some will be badges.

I'll probably not be pushing the BC endgame too much. I'm more interested in having my group of characters in position to roll into the new content. Once I am set there, and some of my guildies are closer to the endgame themselves I'll think about making some goals in that area.

I am really looking forward to my second trip through the Outlands. Much of which will be new since I am on the Horde side of the fence, and I have not done much of the questing for over 6 months. At least it will seem new, I hope.

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