Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feral Druid Gear List

or Gearing for Karazhan and beyond.

I will be updating this list as I learn more about druid gear. Anything with an asterisk is something I have acquired and am happy to use. Hover on the link to see the WoWHead tooltip. Click on it to be taken to the WoWHead page regarding the items.

The purpose of this post is for me to create a reference list of the important gear for me to acquire on my way to level 70 and on into the endgame. Right now I am using Big Bear Butt Blogger and Kaliban's Loot Lists as my resources, in addition to my own finds as I play.

My goal is to be a good tank in instances.

I am not so worried about gear from Kara or above at this point so this list will be limited to the gear that will allow a druid to start tanking in Kara and/or be ready to move into the expansion.

For professions I will likely go Engineering for the tanking gear, and Alchemy for cash flow.


* Idol of the Wild - (QR) Level 63 This is listed as a 2 person quest, but I was able to solo it at 62 in bear form with some creative use of rooting and moonfire.

*Braxxis Staff of Slumber - (AH) Level 64 Keep an eye on the AH. I got this item at 46% of its normal listed price.

Stylin' Purple Hat - (AH) Level 69
Deathblow X11 Goggles (Created) - Level 62, Engineering Level 350

Manimal's Cinch - (QR) Level 68, Shadowmoon Valley
Belt of Natural Power - (AH) Level 70

*Necklace of the Deep - (AH) Level 65 Again, I found this item at a significant discount just by looking for it now and then as I was leveling up.

Bogstrok Scale Cloak -(QR) Level 64, Slave Pens
Cloak of the Valient Defender - (QR) Level 67, Netherstorm

*Band of the Victor - (pvp) - Level 60, Hellfire Peninsula
Delicate Eternium Ring - (AH) - Level 70

*Charm of Alacrity - (QR) Level 61, Hellfire Peninsula
*Regal Protectorate - (QR) Level 58, Hellfire Peninsula
Badge of Tenacity - (AH) Level 70
Goblin Rocket Launcher - (Created) Engineering Level 350
Gnomish Poultryizer - (Created) Engineering Level 340

*Shifting Nightseye, Purple

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