Monday, July 21, 2008

Hunter Gear

Ok I couldn't post a druid gear list without showing some good hunter lovin' too.

Way back when Vik was Echo Isles' number one huntard (read this time last year) I looked to Big Red Kitty for advice on replacing my Shammy blues and low level greenies with gear that would allow me to step into Karazhan.

I found this post of his on WoW Insider that very week. It also led me to Kaliban's Loot Lists for hunters. Between the two I am now laying out what Lassiter will be wearing when he hits level 70.

The best part is that a lot of it is gear from Quest Rewards or items that can be purchased on the Auction House without breaking your stride on the way to a flying mount.

In some cases there is more than one viable choice. I have put an asterisk next to the items that Vik used and I was happy with. He is actually still using a few of these pieces.

Remember, just 'cause its purple doesn't mean it is an upgrade. Especially with the ability to gem the blues. I slapped three +4 agility, + 6 stamina gems into my Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight and had a hard time replacing it. Not bad for a quest reward.

Edit: On the same token just because an epic piece of gear is leather doesn't mean it is a downgrade either.

Much of the gear in Karazhan that a hunter would be interested in are leather items. If a drop has bonus to Agility, Intellect, or Stamina; with additional bonus to Attack Power, and/or Hit Rating then you need to be piping up to get a roll in.

Keep in mind that that same gear will be useful for a tanking druid as well, you may need to pass on that drop in favor of getting your raid group geared up.

Just don't get hornswaggled into not rolling for gear just because it is leather and your class can wear mail. The hunter is a ranged attack class. If you play your hunter well in a raid situation by the time the boss is chewing through that leather the clothies will be lunch, the tank will have died, and the healer is next on the snack list.

You will see the quest reward and rep gear get edited in as Lassiter gets closer to Outlands.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, on with the list!

*Valano's Longbow (AH) - Level 70
*Crystalforged War Axe (AH) - Level 69

Felstalker Bracers (LW350) - Level 70

Felstalker Belt (LW350) - Level 70
Girdle of Gale Force (AH) - Level 69

Felstalker Breastplate (LW350) - Level 70
*Breastplate of Rapid Striking (AH) - Level 68

*Scales of the Beast (AH) - Level 66
Leggings of Beast Mastery (AH) - Level 70

Swiftsteel Gloves (AH) - Level 70
Crystalhide Handwraps (AH) - Level 70

*Cloak of the Craft (AH) - Level 66

Pathfinder's Band (AH) - Level 70


Khorium Scope (AH) - Level 55
*Stabilized Eternium Scope (AH) - Level 60

Delicate Living Ruby (AH) - Red Socket
Rigid Dawnstone (AH) - Yellow Socket
Shifting Nightseye (AH) - Red or Blue Socket
Glinting Noble Topaz (AH) - Red or Yellow Socket
Relentless Earthstorm Diamond (AH) - Meta Socket

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