Monday, July 28, 2008

Ding! Level 63

Holy Toledo, Outland is flying by like a whirlwind.

Finegas is now level 63 and here is an update on his adventures since stepping through the portal.

The Hellfire Peninsula quests are complete, and I have started on the Cenerian Expidition quests in Zangarmarsh. The highlight of these quests for me was being able to solo the quest Colossal Menace, a level 63 2 person quest, and earn my Idol of the Wild at level 62.

Other fun moments included running both Hellfire Ramparts and The Blood Furnace as kitty DPS.
That was a lot of fun, and after all the trapping, pet management, and mana issues I've had with Viktel it was a really nice experience. I was able to get behind my target and just keep hitting them with bleeding shots staying just under my tanks aggro. Piece-O-Cake!

I even had a moment where the healer and tank went down and I managed to combat rez the healer and shift into bear form as a tank for a while before we wiped. No drops for Feral Druids on these runs but the quest rewards I got were nice. I ended up with Surestep Boots, the Perfectly Balanced Cape (nice graphic), and Regal Protectorate in addition to a Jerkin of the Untamed Spirit.

Herbalism is maxed, and thanks to an add-on called Cartographer the herb nodes I have collected from are noted on both my world map and my mini map.

I chose Alchemy for my cash making trade-skill, and have been socking away all the herbs I have been finding while questing. I spent about an hour filling in a few gaps in the list for my grind, and then spent an afternoon in Undercity working up my levels.

In the end I have gained level 342 in my Alchemy skill, and will soon be able to make all the pots and elixirs I need for raiding.

I was planning on waiting until level 70 to drop Skinning and grind Alchemy up, however after a little research I discovered that the big money making recipes will be available to me at level 63. I'll need to grind up a little reputation with the Cenarian Expedition and Sporregar, but that will be easy enough with quests. I'll be specializing in Transmutation for cash.

My profits from selling all the potions created during my Alchemy training allowed me to purchase my epic ground mount and training. I have already purchased my tanking staff Braxxis' Staff of Slumber, and a solid pre-kara necklace Necklace of the Deep .

And I got both at significant discounts! I am also gathering Marks of Thrallmar, the outdoor pvp reward, in hopes of purchasing some of the items available for doing the daily Hellfire pvp quests.

Whew! Thats a lot for three levels.

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