Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Double Trappin'

Or: Would you like one lump or two?

I got nice screen-shot of my first ever, non-premeditated double trap.

In the past I've double trapped just fine, only it was part of the plan of attack or I was practicing. This is the first time it happened instinctively.

The setup for double trapping is pretty easy. Set up your Freeze Trap down and wait for the traps cool down timer to expire. The trap will remain primed for another 30 sec, so pull the first mob into the trap, and when the trap activates immediately drop another trap at the feet of the second mob.


Two trapped mobs.

In this case I had three mobs, one caster and two melee. I dropped my first trap and waited for the cool down to expire, sent the pet after the caster and fired a Multi-Shot. The Multi Shot brought the two melee mobs to me while my pet then tanked the caster.

The first melee mob hit the trap and froze, I backed up a hair and dropped the second trap. All the while Auto-Shooting the caster.

You can see that my pet Shepard has Bestial Wrath activated which means he is doing an additional 50% damage to his target.

Pretty nifty.

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