Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dairy: Finegas

I've just completed a tour through Hellfire Peninsula in the Outlands. It is a harsh place where the very land has been burned red, and the roads are paved with the bones of the Dranaei Broken.

Harsh to say the least. The Horde's primary outpost Thrallmar is pinned between incoming Demons, and the Alliance fort Honor Hold. Much of my questing involved investigating and irradicating corrupted Fel Orcs.

The war from the Old World is still very evident here as both Alliance and Horde members constantly vie over three structures near the middle of the territory. The battles are fierce, though sometime they seem senseless.

All the while I've been dodging a massive mechanical that the locals call the Fel Reaver. The Reavers patrol the land ready to crush any that come in their path. My stealth abilities have been crucial to my success in this land.

In the middle of all this is a giant fortress called Hellfire Citidal. A massive fort that houses several Demon Bosses from a faction called The Shattered Hand.

As a Tauren and a Druid I would rather spend my efforts trying to heal this land and banish these Demons.

In the West of the peninsula I discovered an offshoot of the Cenarian Circle that goes by the name of the Cenarian Expedition. After working with these people a while they entrusted me with a letter to be delivered to their main outpost in a land even further to the west. They called it Zangarmarsh.

If it holds up to it's name it should be a welcome respite from Hellfire Peninsula. I find myself thinking of Thunder Bluff more and more. Was I right to follow my desire to see these Outlands that so many Heroes have been telling stories of?

Time will tell.

I miss the plains.

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