Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fin's First Bling!

Finegas got his first gem-able item this morning. I picked up a Band of the Victor from Battlecryer Blackeye, the Thrallmar pvp reward vendor.

This rare level ring is very easy to come by even at level 60. All you need to do is complete the daily pvp quest Hellfire Fortifications five times.

The quest has you capture the Stadium, Broken Hill, and The Overlook all of which are in the center of Hellfire Peninsula. Each time you complete the quest you will receive 3 Marks of Thrallmar, and the ring will cost you 15 marks.

It is very easy to complete these while doing your normal quests in this zone. Basically you enable your pvp flag and stand inside the structure until your faction's flag appears.

If you get lucky and have some successful pvp encounters while doing this quest you will get your ring even faster.

As a hopeful tanking bear I chose the ring which gives the bonus to my critical strikes and attack power, there is an equivalent ring for casters and healers.

I chose to use a Shifting Nightseye as a gem. This purple gem fits in any blue or red gem slot and splits my bonus to Stamina (for added health), and Agility (+4 for armor, crit rating, attack power, and health). The gem itself set me back 35 gold, but now that Fin is transmuting Arcanite Bars and selling raid level potions I'm not sweating it too much.

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