Friday, August 15, 2008

Holy Toledo!

I checked the email this morning over coffee.
Sleepy eyes looking over the names and titles.

Let's see here....

Fandango; Tropc Thunder, Star Wars, plus win a trip t...
E*** W**; RE: Phantom Parts Order
GameStop News; GameStop Weekend Specials
MySpace, New message from Topaz
FigurePrints, Congratulations!
College 4 Moms, College for moms who are.....

Sleepy Brain suddenly screams:

Reread that Figure Prints says congrats, could it be?

Yes! Indeed! My account has been selected to create my very own FigurePrint. I get to pick one of my characters to be immortalized as a statue! Not just any WoW Nelf or Cow, we are talking about MY character wearing His armor set and carrying His weapons.

I won the roll!
I have until the 5th of Sept. to play around and select which character to use along with the best looking armor and weapons for him to be carrying.

I am so excited, but which character to choose.....

Ohhhh, drat the altoholism.

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