Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dang'd if it aint been a while!

OK, so it has been a half month since I posted. Not sure where my muse went, but it certainly left abruptly and returned without so much as a fine how-do-ya-do.

I think maybe with all the news about WotLK coming from the beta realms I am hiding in my personal gaming shell as a defensive mechanism.

Sometimes it seems with an expansion looming that trying to progress a character any way other than just leveling is silly.

Soon there will be new factions to grind, skills to learn, and armor resets. Everything I have now will be obsolete.

Maybe if I pretend there is no expansion the game will still be fresh.

Heh, its working so far. ;)

Here is what has happened since my last post in Aug.

The Druid
Finegas dinged 70 and is now in the process of collecting his first tanking set, in addition he has his blue DPS staff The Staff of Beasts, and just hit revered with the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Fin has successfully tanked a few instances and I am pleasantly surprised at the increased number of group invites. Its fun to be of use in group play, and I have lots to learn about playing this class still to keep things interesting.

The coolest thing about being a druid: Flight Form. Hands down. I love it!

The Hunter
Lassiter is progressing nicely, I am keeping him just behind a group of guildies so I can play with them without being totally overpowered. I am one level away from being able to use my Dwarven Hand Canon. I can't wait, for some reason the idea of an orc hunter using a handgun is incredibly amusing.

Lass is also going to be my chef character. I just finished the cooking and fishing quests needed to progress past level 225 in both professions. This is the second time I have used the WoWWiki Fishing/Cooking guide, and it is still the best one in my humble opinion.

The Death Knight
All right fine, so I don't have a death nugget yet. What I do have is a name! I will have a death knight named Bert!

Berthold actually, but his friends call him Bert. Right now Berthold is a level 1 Tauren warrior. At the moment he is taking care of my banking needs, but at some point in the future there will be a tragic accident that will lead him down the dark path.

Sweet! My nugget has a back story. Woot! In the mean time the name is mine.

The Shammy
About a day after I created Bert my shaman decided he wanted out.
I swear to Elune he turned around tapped on my screen and we had this conversation.
Girn: "Look dude, I have been stuck at level 12, and you have kept me running back and forth between this mailbox and the AH for over six months now."

Me: "Yeah, so?"

Girn: "I want out! I want to see the world. I want to be a healer. Come on seriously, you don't even know if you will like playing a Death Knight. Maybe you will like tanking as a bear, that will mean you will need a character for healz. Come on, let the new kid do the banking. Bert, what kind of name is Bert anyway. Not so intimidating if you ask me."

Me: "OK Girn, I'll make a deal with you. I'll play you up through 60, how's that? Then when the expansion comes out if I need heals I'll take you through the Outlands when leveling has been accelerated all the way to 70. What do you think?"

Girn: "Ah thank you, thank you!"

Me: "Yeah, yeah. Hey, try not to break the bank, huh? Fin still needs his epic flight skill."
The Alliance:
All my Ally characters are now on an Oceanic server. The idea is to play with the Aussies during there prime time, which is basically the time that I am getting home from work. I'll let you know how it goes.

...and finally.
The Figureprint:
I have chosen the armor, weapons and pose for Vik's statue. I'll blog more on that later.
Right now the Tracking page on Vik looks like this:
August 15th
Your order has been placed and your hero has begun his journey into reality!
August 26th
Artisans are capturing every detail of your hero using techniques from Hollywood movie studios!
I can't wait so see him!

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