Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back at Home

I made it through the arm surgery with flying colors!

There is little to no pain, so my focus is now all about bringing down any swelling.

A little difficult with my arm in a sling and locked out at 90 degrees, fortunately my prior experience recovering from a skydiving accident left me with a trick up my sleeve.

Here is the plan. I have a large cooler that I will fill with ice water. Next I will triple bag my arm with garbage bags, and then keep the elbow on the rocks for 20 minutes or so.

Basically I'll keep it in there through two commercial breaks while watching Deep Space Nine. Mom gifted me the series for my birthday and I am now in season 5. The war with the Dominion is just starting.

Afterwards a quick towel off, remove the bags an Viola, one dry cold arm.

I want to go after the swelling as much as I can. Once it comes down the body can get started with the healing process.

For that I can rely on 12 years of healing breaks, bruises, and the bumps that came with my Martial Art training. I am armed with a plethora of both homemade and commercial herbal medicines that should help reduce the recovery time.

And adjusting my training will give me an awesome PT program. One that got me back to full use of my ankle (the result of my skydiving bounce), and two other broken feets.

Weirdly enough I really get a kick out of this kind of thing.

Later this morning I will be checking on my iMac. The new logic card I had installed went bad so Zaphod (I named my iMac Zaphod 'cause he runs two screen. ...two screens = two heads...get it?) went in for his own surgery.

Thank goodness for insurance and extended warranties!

And even more exciting, I will be bringing home my two rescued Siamese kittens this evening. With a liitle help from Naioka, a local guildie, I got to the pet store and picked up most of what I need for my new roomies: Egypt and Hamlet.

I'm way excited!!!

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