Monday, September 29, 2008

Hero of the Realm

The Back Story
For the past year I have been living by myself in the house I have owned since the year 2000.

I had a few pets in that time, but after the Great Escape of my two conures I just hadn't gotten around to getting any new pets.

Two days prior to my arm surgery I received a phone call from my friend T. G. She had found out about four abandoned Siamese cats.

T.G. knows that I grew up with Siamese and have been halfway thinking about finding one or two rescue cats to bring into my home.

The story she told me was that some unknown person had lost his mortgage, and just before vacating the house the bozo booted these four cats out to fend for themselves.

The kittens then lived under a car for about three weeks with no food or water source and finally the man's friendly neighbor found them, brought them home and began caring for them.

They called the shelter where T.G. volunteers, and that is how I got the word.

Meeting the Kids
So I headed across town to meet the family knowing full well that I would probably be bringing home two of them.

Sure enough there were two boy kittens, both absolutely beautiful Siamese Seal Points, and two Himalayans, one short haired one long. All of them with bright and healthy blue eyes, very talkative, friendly, and looking pretty good given their ordeal.

The Seal Points are both young enough to have recovered fairly quickly, but the ladies are a little older and they were still showing not much more than skin and bones.

After meeting them, and hearing about their story I picked out two. The short haired Himalayan was very sweet, and came right too me. She actually could be the twin of my very first cat Boswell from when I was in the 6th grade.

The sweet lady that had taken them in was calling her Egypt 'cause she has that distinct Siamese shape to her head and has HUGE blue eyes and looks like the cats you see in the ancient history books.

Looking at the Seal Points I saw that the younger of the two was a little more laid back, and had everyone convinced that he was the shy one of the bunch....(phhht!! you can't kid a kidder. I know that act by heart, I gave him big points for it thouh.). He has the prettiest ice blue eyes and absolutely gorgeous coloring.

I named him Hamlet right off the bat, and both cats acted like they understood what might be happening.

I explained that I couldn't pick them up until Saturday (it was Tuesday) after I got my arm fixed, and the lady was ok with holding them for me until then.

Bringing them Home
Wednesday came and went, and the surgery went so well that Willow, my ride too and from, took me out Kittie shopping. On the way I called T.G. to let her know I would be able to get the kids home on the following day, Thursday.

W. and I had a blast getting toys, a scratching post, collars, tags, litter box, food and other cat essentials. I set everything up in the master bath room of the house figuring that they could call that home base for a week, or until they were comfy with
bioooooooooooooooooooo (<----- Hamlet says hello btw).

So Thursday evening we loaded up my one animal carrier and a large cardboard box to transport them home.

After a long and tearful good-bye from their rescuers, we loaded them up and made the long journey home. I am here to tell you keeping a kitten in a cardboard box with one arm is a sling ain't no easy task!

After the trek we attempted to move the cats into the bathroom, but they decided under my bed was a much safer place to hang. So once they settled down in relative safety, I shooed T.G. (a classic mother hen) out so they could be alone for a little while to get over their latest trauma of being separated from their other two family members.

Checking in every ten minutes or so to give comforting words, and check breathing and heart rates I let them have the room for the evening. They responded immediately to food, water, and the cat box.

The Past Few Days.
Since arriving, I have watched them explore the bedroom and master bath, try out the toys and furniture, and they are coming to accept me as their third family member.

I knew we would be OK when the flying tackles started in my bathroom Friday night around 4 a.m. :)

They have been making small reconnaissance missions into the living room and kitchen for the past two days.

Last night they had a grand adventure when I left the bedroom door open, and a kitchen light on for them to explore the house with.

It was flying tackles all night in the living room.

And Today....
They have been exploring the house with no reservations this morning. As I have been writing this Hamlet has been saving me from the attacking small-mouse-like-toy-things. Thus earning the esteemed title of
Hero Of The Realm.

Later today we head into the vet for full check ups, shots, and whatever else we need. First I need to go get a second pet carrier, and (crossing fingers) hopefully my iMac will be ready for pick up so I can get back online and earn my flying mount before Wrath releases.

And that folks has been my weekend.

If you live in Las Vegas and are wanting a cat or two, I know of two wonderful, friendly, and beautiful Simese kittens that are in need of a home. Feel free to email me here & I will get you in touch with the right people.


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