Friday, January 2, 2009

77% probablility

It's kinda strange, I am just not feeling hunter-ish.

I log into Vik or Lassiter every now and again, but the bug just hasn't bitten. I am not sure quite why yet.

I'll tootle around with them and say hello to the pets, but the desire to Pew-Pew just hasn't been there.

Maybe I just got used to playing Fin.

Maybe its all the hype about the approaching "Great Hunter Nerf" scheduled for the next patch release. Who knows.

I am certain that it is a temporary thing though. I know this 'cause I just about peed myself when I saw a hunter use his Freeze Arrow during a group quest in Icecrown a few days ago.


Yeah, I'm a geek.

So not much hunter related posting going on, but that will all change.
In the mean time I am having lots of fun healing with Fin.

About a day ago I finally managed to get through Halls of Lightning with a PUG.

Now I think its time to go herb-ing for Bert's Inscription grind.

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