Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its like learning a whole new class!

Or: Holy Crap!!! This isn't your average whack-a-mole scenario!

One of my goals is to be able to heal with my druid Fin. I have several reasons for this, the current top three are:
  • My guild needs a healer
  • I'd like to experience the game from all three class perspectives
  • I'd like to see the endgame content and it is the most needed class in the game
My big hope is that Blizz will eventually implement the Dual Spec ability allowing Hybrid classes to swap between healing and either dps or tanking without having to go through the trip back to our trainers.

Being a Bear Tank is a lot of fun, but with the mass of Death Knights moving into the endgame I believe that the number of tanks in the game will be increased quite a bit.

So in anticipation of a new healing spec I have been reading up on a few Resto-Blogs, namely Resto4Life, 4 Healz, and Casual WoW.

Holy Crap!!!! If you think BRK throws you a lot of mind bending math and tips you need to read up on HoT Druids.... It is enough to send me back to Vik and Kaylee never to return.

One post did start to get things going for me though, and ironically it was written by Byaghro from Casual WoW as a guest post on 4 Healz.

You can read the full article here.

It is actually an article about the changes to Nourish and Regrowth in WotLK, but there were a few jewels that helped me immensely.

Basically the info that I needed (this is for any other Bear Tanks wanting to try healing) boils down to this lovely paragraph:
The tank is the only person really taking any damage (minor splash damage on the melee dps). Lifebloom is being kept on the tank, as is Rejuvenation. For healing the melee, since it is manageable damage being taken for this scenario, Wild Growth fits the bill perfectly. But wait, the tank is still taking pretty massive damage, and you need to keep some other, strong, direct heal in the mix to make sure they don't get too low.

Ahhhh! A starting point to work from.
That little beauty can be put on a post it and stuck to my screen while I learn how to heal 5 man instances.

Thank you Byahgro, you saved my brain!

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