Saturday, January 3, 2009

Firefly stuff

Today my guild did it's first official instance run.

We ran Hellfire Ramparts, and followed it up with The Blood Furnace.

Here is the scoop.

Firefly is a Horde guild on the Echo Isles server. It is a very small guild of 10 or so people with about 30-ish characters. We advertise ourselves as a casual adult (18+) guild in the Pacific Time Zone since most of us live in Las Vegas, NV.

Our players' mains range from levels 42 - 80, with a wide range of gaming experience. Most of us have expressed interest in doing 5 and 10 man instances but for various reasons it hasn't really come about.

Personally I think this is largely due to a few bad experiences with PUGs, and maybe a little fear mixed into the batter. These combined with all the changes and new content Wrath brought in is a little overwhelming for people. Espicially for anyone who still has much of the Burning Crusade to complete.

I imagine that anyone that is still working through the original content for the very first time must feel like they are way out on Mars.

I certainly remember my first BC endgame experiences, the sweaty hands, and the need to do everything perfect, and feeling amazingly lucky to actually finish the dungeon with everyone still in a good mood.

So to help ease people into the endgame I thought it would be a good idea for us to get together and run our lower level members through their dungeon quests. This way we can all have fun without so much pressure, maybe try out new abilities and practice some old ones.

If things go haywire there wont be any worries, most of us are 70 or above we should be able to recover. If not...phhhttt! Who cares! And over time we can start to gel as a 5 man unit, and maybe pick up a few new members along the way.

Everyone will get to see the BC game content at least up to Kara (and we can always try that too), and we all get the achievements as well. It seems liked a nice way to set a positive, friendly, and casual tone to doing the 5 mans.

After all this is all about having fun in the long run.

I am also thinking of beginning to work on the What A Long Strange Trip Its Been achievement as a group activity. First up will be the Lunar Festival.

We have been a pretty loose band of ragtag hordies for quite a while now. I am really looking forward to the guild growing a little and spending time in game as friends.

Wish us luck!


Willow said...

I had fun with it! Good luck to us all! *HUGS*

Viktel said...

Thanks sweetie, I put the Lunar Festival on the calendar.

Cya in game