Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guild Fun

Today, as most folks are aware I am sure, is the first day of the Lunar Festival.

My little guild got together this morning for a couple of hours to enjoy the fun, work on a few of the achievements associated with this world event.

First we grouped up in Thunder Bluff to shoot off a bunch of fireworks, and then we used our Festival Invitations to port into Moonglade.

Our goal was to take down Omen and receive the Blessing of Elune.

When we arrived there was already a large group of characters in combat with the giant two headed beast. My guildies very bravely charged into battle as I popped into tree form and did my best to keep folks standing.

In the end Omen fell, we received the blessing and completed the Moonglade quests.

That went quick enough that we decided stay in a group and go honor some of the Elders that are in the Alliance zones.

We jumped over to Winterspring since it was close and has two Elders, then we flew down to Ashenvale to talk to the elder in Astranaar. From there we headed north to Darkshore, and from there we grabbed the boat to Telladrasil.

Here we ran into a little pvp action and kinda got stomped on a bit.

No worries though, we headed over to Stanglethorn Vale to honor both of the Elders in that zone, and then moved up into Westfall.

After a little more PvP action we jetted NE and picked up the Elder in Goldshire.

Woot! Go Firefly, that was a fun time.

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Willow said...

That was an awful lot of fun...thanks for putting it together! *HUGS*