Friday, January 23, 2009

PUG'd Out

or Bringing Up Number Two

Arggghh. The realms are down for emergency maintenance. Darned lag and arena issues....

That's OK though it gives me a few moments to write a little update on the gang.

Fin has been working hard running PUG heroics, and we all know what a crap shoot that is. My experiences have been pretty positive though and I attribute that to the fact that he is a healer.

Here are some of the drops that he is sporting: Helm of Anomalus, Cape of Seething Steam, Gavel of the Fleshcrafter, Annhyld's Ring, and a Band of Guile.

For crafted epics I have been using Earthgiving Boots, and Earthgiving Legguards, and I am currently gathering materials for one Wispcloak.

Gathering the mats is kinda fun, I am currently working on gathering 100 clams to purchase a Siren's Tear from the Murloc Ahlurglgr in Borean Tundra.

Being a little tired with Pugs I decided it was time to start bringing up my second character. It looks like my Death Knight Bert will be the next to make the jump to Northrend.

Leveling has never been faster. I left Bert at Falcon Watch with about half of the Hellfire Peninsula quests finished. When I was done with Hellfire Bert was almost halfway through level 64 so I went ahead and skipped the Zangarmarsh and Terrokar Forest zones and went right to Nagrand.

The Nesingwary quests, half of the Garador, and Throne of the Elements quests have Bert at level 66. It is time to research DK tanking specs. I'd like to have that picked out by level 70 so I can be fully familiar with how the mechanics work when I try to start running level 80 dungeons.

Well, realms seem to be back up.

I'll keep you updated on my progress. I am also working on a post about how to use the Routes add on. Big Bear Butt mentioned it on his blog (I can't seem to find the post though), and I have fallen in love with it.

More later.

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Willow said...

It'll be nice to see Bert out & about! :-)