Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holy Catz! Its Patch Day!


Mmmmmrrrffff!! Wha?

Oh, its the cats pouncing on my feet under the covers. Must be 8:30 am and they are hungry.

grumble...grumble...grumble... get the kitty dishes

stumble...stumble...stumble.... clean the kitty dishes.

lurch..lurch.. cat food is out of the fridge and warming up.

Must. Have. Coffee.


Sip. AHHHHH *looks at kitchen clock*

Crap! 10:36? Man did I over sleep.... I probably shouldn't have taken the DK out for a spin after work last night.



/start computer.
/castsequence email, firefox, wowlauncher (oops its Tuesday...)

Hey look, the screen is up, lets see if they finished early today.

....Downloading, needs patch, click to start....

SNAP! Its Patch Day People!!! The sky is falling, run for cover, and get ready to cancel your accounts!!! (ok maybe not that last one)

Here are the official 3.08 patch notes. and Here is WoW Insider's take on the patch day.
Why not take a look and see how your world has changed while that download is happening.

Druids, the bonus armor change has happened....

Have a great day.

Edit: I just found a nice little table over on MMO-Champion showing all the new requirements on the Northrend enchants. Click Here to view.

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