Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sometimes Enough is Enough

or: Bert gets a piece

Over the past few days I have been questing in Nagrand, working on getting Bert up to level 70. This zone is the most fun for me and normally playing there is a pleasure.

However in the past few days I have seen a record number of ninjas and quest jumpers, and frankly just rude Alliance players all over the place.

So to make a short story long, I headed over to Wazat to complete his quest: Bring me the Egg.

This involves using the Jump-o-tron 4000 to jump into a nest high up into a tree, followed by looting an egg which will in turn summon the Windroc Matriarch, a level 67 elite bird for you to kill.

An Ally Warrior arrived at Wazat at the same time I did and we both made the jump. I missed, he made it and over the chat channel came the emote:
"**** laughs at you."
It was late, I was tired, and fed up with general rudeness and I guess I just snapped

After popping a quick bandage I Death Gripped the damn bird down to me and beat it to a pulp. I looted its claw and then sent a /moon right back at the guy.

Now I am not condoning ninja looting, griefing, or stealing another players summoned mob; but sometimes enough is enough!

The emote text read:
"Berthold dropps his pants and moons ****".

...and durnit if it if I didn't get a little satisfaction from it.

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