Friday, May 1, 2009

Wolverine's Revenge

Just got home with my copy.

Like a noob I also got the Guidebook.

And totally inspired by Applesauce (Mark) on The Ultimate Gamer I picked up a copy of Soul Caliber 4.

Holy Catz! Did you see the finale? Go check it if you haven't....

You may not see me for a month or two....

Oh, and Fin just got his second Champion title in WoW.
Now he is "of Thunder Bluff", and "of Orgrimar", and is working on his Valiant's Seals for the Darkspear Trolls.

I now have a totally fav staff in the game. I just picked up a Staff of Feral Furies for 25 Champion's Seals, and I have to say that in addition to being a huge upgrade to my tanking gear the graphic on this thing ROCKS THE HOUSE!


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