Friday, May 14, 2010

One Thing

One Thing.

If I could have one thing, one wish for Cataclysm. One all powerful choice to affect the game, what would I ask for?

I want to see my Frostsaber Kaylee running beside me while I'm riding a ground mount again.

I really miss that.


Kulat/Kriyet said...

Oh, I so agree.

I chose my saber specifically to match my cat, Kulcat. It was so much fun to set off with him loping along beside me.

I feel very un-hunterish every time I mount up and watch my pet abandon me.


Viktel said...

Wasn't that cool. My favorite was questing with my Hunter guildies up in Winterspring.

We would all mount up and run through the snow looking quite epic with the kids running beside us.